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Unlock your future career

by joining our Task Force


Struggling to figure out the right career path to take?

We've been there!

“Task Force really prepared me well for my current role as a Customer Support manager. I really miss the team, but I'm grateful for everything I learnt with them!”



for the 3 month internship

You'll earn R4500 per month

We look for those who are teachable and willing to learn

No experience required!

Ready for a challenge?

In these 3 months, you'll grow like never before.

It won't be easy, but it's the best way to get your career off the ground!

Just ask Andrew

“Working in Taskforce was both incredibly challenging and very rewarding. After the 3 month internship, I moved into Sales, and I'm now one of the top-performing members of the sales team!”



for the 3 month internship

You'll earn R4500 per month

Our guarantee to you

You'll be speaking to
customers in your first week.
You'll only need to commit
to 3 months
You'll discover your
strengths and interests
You'll develop confidence
in your abilities

Benefits of joining Task Force

Experience what it's like to work with an award-winning team.

Manage your time like a CEO does.

Learn what it means to provide surprisingly good service.

Develop leadership skills.

Learn skills you can take with you to any workplace.

We're innovating using technology to impact education

... and you can be an active part of that

Join us to make a difference

What happens when the 3 months are over?

Teach Me 2 is growing at a rapid rate, and new jobs are opening constantly.
At the end of your 3 months, we'll consider you for a full-time position at Teach Me 2.
If we can't position you to win with us, we'll have positioned you to win at another company. Win — win situation!
You'll earn R4500 per month

Join us now, before the waiting list gets longer