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Noxolo N

Tutor in Stamford Hill, Durban • 23 years old

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I strive for excellence in everything that I do and I do not believe in getting average marks-you must get the best marks. I pride myself in hard work and working smart to achieve the results I want.

I have always volunteered myself to anyone that needs help. I am a part of organisations at University that are dedicated to helping and changing the lives of others. When you get the marks and results you have worked for, not only will your report look better, but your self esteem improves as well-and I want to help others reach the confidence that I feel when I get good marks.


• Bachelor of Laws- University of KwaZulu-Natal

My Proudest

• -I am among the top 15% students studying law at UKZN.
• -I was in the top 5 at High School
• -I am a golden key student


  • School Tutoring

Business Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I did Business Studies as an extra subject at high school, i.e I taught myself the subject and managed to achieve a distinction for it from grade 10 to Matric. I have merit awards and I have gone on to study Management at University as well.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

My first language is isiZulu, I am fluent in it and have done it throughout my school life. I easily have never received anything less than a distinction for it throughout, with Merit awards for it.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have tutored History to my peers in High School and I enjoyed it thoroughly. As a law student, my understanding of History is quite in depth. I have merit awards in History

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Second Year

From first year all the way to second year, doing Criminology in each semester has made my University marks flourish. Criminology is a very interesting subject and easy to pass. I also do Criminal Law so my understanding is good.


Noxolo will travel up to 15km from Stamford Hill, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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