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Kiara R

22 years old

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Background Check
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Can tutor online


I am a high-achieving person who loves to broaden the knowledge of students. In my free time I volunteer, play various sports and watch several podcasts on world events to broaden my knowledge.

I am patient and enthusiastic in the work that I tutor. I teach students by using references to their interests so that they are able to comprehend it better and enjoy the subject.


• 2018-present:
• Bcom (Accounting Sciences)
• I am an Accounting tutor at the University of Pretoria and I have also tutored various subjects to varsity students from Wits,UJ,Tuks and many more.

My Proudest

• Getting into Golden Key during my first year and receiving an Honours Blazer in my final year of high school for achieving 80% or more as an average from grade 8 until grade 11.


  • University Tutoring


First Year

I have achieved distinctions in this subject and I comprehend it very well. I have tutored Statistics to Regent business school students, University of Pretoria students as well as students from the university of Australia


First Year

I have tutored several BCom Accounting students, helping them achieve their academic goals. I am well versed on what is required to pass the subject and I am currently also an Accounting tutor for the University of Pretoria.

Financial Accounting

First Year - Third Year

I have a passion and great understanding for the subject. It is one of my majors as I am currently studying Bcom(accounting sciences). I have much experience with variations of accounting having tutored students from all varsities and can give great assistance to new students.

Management Accounting

First Year - Third Year

I understand Management Accounting extremely well and I have a good background of the work. I am also very passionate about the subject.

Business Management

First Year

I did Business Studies throughout my high school career and I also studied Business Management as a 1st year university module and I excelled at it. I am well versed with what is expected and I am passionate about the subject.

  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have experience assisting fellow students in this subject during my high school years. I also have 3 years of tutoring experience and I am capable of making the work comprehensible to the students I tutor


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have done very well in Accounting throughout my high school career and I also went on to major in Accounting at university, where I continue to thrive in the subject. I have experience in tutoring the subject.

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