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Tutor in Bedfordview, Germiston • 28 years old

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I am a very driven and hard-working person who aims for success in everything I do. I am very patient and enjoy helping people who are in need of my help.

I am very patient when tutoring my students. This comes from my part-time job teaching children how to read and understand the text, thus patience is key. I also enjoy teaching or tutoring a subject which I am passionate about because I know it very well, for example, any form of biology. I've been tutoring Biology since high school and through university with proud success from all my students.


• 2015- B.Nursing (University of Western Cape)
• 2016-2018-BSc Medical Bioscience (University of Western Cape)
• 2019-HonsBSc Medical Virology (Stellenbosch University)

My Proudest

• My proudest merit achievements were when I made the Dean's Merit list and when I was chosen to be part of the Golden Key Society in my first year. Admittedly, my proudest achievement was when I taught a child to read for the first time


  • School Tutoring

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC

Life science was my best subject in high school and I always got distinctions for it. I find Life Sciences to be the most interesting subject and I enjoyed it very much. I also tutored my classmates in school who was struggling with this subject.


Grade 1 - Grade 10 NSC

I enjoyed this subject in school and understood it very well. I also tutored my struggling classmates and they received better marks because of it. When I teach I try to make it fun so that they can understand the work better.


Grade 1 - Grade 9 NSC

I'm very Mathematically inclined and understand how to simplify the work. I've tutored my siblings and happily got them to pass with distinctions. I'm very patient with this subject as I understand the difficulty it presents to some students.

  • University Tutoring

Human Biology

First Year - Third Year Cambridge

During my 3 years of studying human biology, I passed every exam and test with distinctions. I also tutored my friends who were struggling with this subject and each of them passed.


First Year Cambridge

In my first year of Nursing, we had Physics for a semester. I passed this subject with flying colours where I got 100% for multiple tests. I also frequently tutored my classmates & my one friend was failing this subject but with my help, she passed.


First Year Cambridge

I had Chem118, CHM116 and CHM126 as first-year subjects in university and passed with very good marks. I enjoyed the Chemistry practicals and the theory very much.


First Year Cambridge

I took Statistics in my first year of university and received a distinction for the subject. I enjoyed this subject because I am good with numbers.


First Year - Third Year University

Microbiology is my strongest subjects at university and I've always obtained distinctions. I am passionate about this subject and enjoy learning it. I am fluent in the theory and practical part of the course and I've tutored many of my classmates.


Cheri will travel up to 15km from Bedfordview, Germiston, Gauteng to you.

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Reviews from others

“Cheri has been an extremely patient and helpful tutor. I would not have passed chemistry without Cheri as I could not follow the lectures due to not taking chemistry in highschool before. Cheri basically taught me from scratch using many helpful resources such as past exam and test papers which helped prepare me as well as her own notes she would prepare before the lesson. Very happy as I received an A for chemistry without any previous knowledge on the subject. Would highly recommend Cheri as a chemistry tutor. ”
- Robyn
“Cheri is a very friendly person and is highly educated in the course that I need help with. She is a very helpful tutor and she has a lot of patients with me. I am extremely happy with her services!!”
- Megan
“She is the best statistic teacher I have ever had in my life”
- Saghar
“Great teaching skills as well as interpersonal skills. Tyler is a lot more comfortable in maths now. Thank you”
- Bronwyn
“Cheri continues to help me understand statistics. I had no prior statistical knowledge or experience but I'm happy to say I've picked up new concepts along the way.”
- Gold
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