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Elelwani T

Tutor in Meadowlands West Zone 8, Meadowlands West • 29 years old

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I am a Christian who loves maths! I'm friendly, easy to relate to, hardworking, honest and a perfectionist in all I do. I love helping other people and empowering others from what I have learned.

I am a patient, great listener and am very observant. This makes it easier to figure out where a person needs help, and how best I can explain things to them.


• Currently: B.Sc Mathematics (University of Pretoria)

My Proudest

• Achieving a Distinction in Mathematics (Cambridge syllabus).
• Doing an internship teaching Mathematics in my previous high school for a year.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12 Cambridge

I interned at Ridgeway College, assisting in Mathematics. I have experience teaching IEB and Cambridge Maths, marking and preparing memoranda.


Elelwani will travel up to 10km from Meadowlands West Zone 8, Meadowlands West, Gauteng to you.

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Reviews from others

“Wow! Elelwani was amazing. My daughter liked working with her so much. She always told me of how good she was after each and every session. Her maths results have improved. I am indeed thankful.”
- Bella
“Elewani is a great tutor. She has a passion for maths and educating others. ”
- Thobile
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