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Marianne B

Tutor in Pinelands, Cape Town • 59 years old

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Mother of 2 grown sons, passionate musician and music teacher, strong scientific bent. I grew up in a German-speaking household with progressive parents, I studied music and homeopathy.

I have taught music at DR Wynne Music School in Grahamstown for about 4 years until 3 years ago and I have also given guest lectures to pharmacy students at Rhodes University. In addition I also taught conversational German to two other Rhodes University students who were going on exchange.


• 1986 1st year law UCT, 1987-90 BMus UCT (incomplete), 1997-2004 MTech Homeopathy University of Johannesburg, at present studying for a kinesiology qualification.

My Proudest

• Bringing up two sons who both did well at school. Completing my Master's degree in homeopathy as a single mom.


  • Music Tutoring


Beginner (Grades 1 - 3) - Advanced (Grades 7 - 8) UCT 3rd year

With 8 years teaching at music schools and privately, I can teach beginners to advanced,and all ages. My youngest at the moment is a 6 year old and my oldest a 74 year old lady.

  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12 IEB

I have tutored 2 Rhodes students in conversational German as they were going to become exchange students, and I have taught 2 friends the basics of grammar and reading and writing in German which they needed for reading academic articles.


Grade 1 - Grade 12 IEB, University of Johannesburg

I studied homeopathy as a mature student after doing IEB Science for matric. My studies included Physiology, Biochemistry, etc. I have tutored kinesiology students in the basics of chemistry and anatomy. I want to tutor chemistry to grade 10-11

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12 IEB

I studied homeopathy as a mature student after doing IEB Biology for matric. My studies included Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, etc and have tutored kinesiology students. I want to tutor to grade 10-12 levels


Marianne will travel up to 15km from Pinelands, Cape Town, Western Cape to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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Reviews from others

“Marianne is an excellent Teacher. She really explains everything very well. I always enjoy the lessons & can’t wait for the next one! I appreciate all your efforts & assistance Marianne. I could not have asked for a better tutor. Class is always fun & full of laughs (even though we take the lessons seriously, but not ourselves). Thank you for everything! ”
- Chantel
“Love that she was easily able to adapt to my son and direct and engage him in his lessons. ”
- Jean
“Marianne is extremely patient with Paul and very good at relating to him, which makes him more open to extra lessons. I also appreciate how she is able to come up with fun new ways for him to learn, beyond the day-to-day needs we have with his school work.”
- Elzaan
“Marianne is incredibly knowledgeable. She explains grammatical rules really well, which allows me to understand the work a lot better. She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the work and why grammatical rules are the way they are. ”
- Juliette
“Able to connect very well with Christian. Thanks!”
- Nelius
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