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Shaahid F

Tutor in Bendor, Polokwane • 27 years old

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I am a calculated strategist equipped with a finance degree who analyses a company’s weaknesses and strengthens them through ethically, just, and experienced leadership.

My intention is to build an ongoing relationship with you that is based on mutual trust. Together with my experience, we will plan for your future success against the unforeseen risks of life. This will allow you to make informed decisions and prioritise the implementation of solutions to achieve this. I furthermore commit to reviewing this at least monthly or more regularly on a needs basis.


• BCom in Finance & Investments Management
• Currently pursuing an MBA
• Salesman
• Financial Manager
• Senior Analyst
• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Development Officer
• Financial Director
• Managing Director

My Proudest

• President's Award recipient, demonstrating leadership excellence.
• Full sports colours and accolades as Head-Boy for dedication and skill.
• Recognized by Golden Key International Honors Society for academic prowess, ranking in the top 1%.


  • School Tutoring

Business Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Unlock Business Success: I hold an A-grade degree in Financial Sciences and Investment Management. Join me to decode data, craft effective responses, and excel in business communication.

Computer Skills

Grade 1 - Grade 9

Being an IT fanatic since a child, building PCs as a hobby. Computer skills have always given me an absolute advantage over a Luddite. The 2020 Pandemic of the coronavirus proved to us that the 4th Industrial Revolution is inevitable and excelling in computer skills is necessary for consideration.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

With accounting, statements must be presented in accordance with the reporting standards of the country the business operates (IFRS, GAAP). I've obtained experience in analysing groups of companies and spotting errors.

Financial Planning & Control

First Year - Third Year

With a plan you can always hold yourself accountable and to remedy the situation quickly. This subejct allows you to plan for in the events of uncertainty and how to effectively manage chaos. From the laws and regulations to court processes and case law. Mastering how to plan financially is vital!

Investment Management

First Year - Third Year

The most lucrative and difficult discipline in the financial sector. Managing Investments entails understanding the behaviours of the asset and seeking profit maximising opportunities. With risk and reward as the forefront, understanding how to quantify and hedge risk will determine your success.


First Year - Second Year

Tax, Taxation, and Tax Planning is one of the most essential modules for an individual or business owner. How to handle your taxes and how certain actions can trigger tax implications. The module also entails the laws applicable.

Commercial Law

First Year

As poetry is to English, commercial law is to business. I am an ambassador of the Law Society of South Africa and have a passion for Anti-Fraud and corruption. Commercial Law outlines the accountability of some actions and protective measures to protect both parties

Business Management

First Year

The goal of a company is to be a well-established going concern. To achieve this, effective management combined with ethical leadership will ensure. Analysing leadership theories, business structure and human behaviour are some of the topics we need to dwell on and apply to business cases.


First Year - Second Year

Understanding the market is vital for anyone contributing to the financial system, from the household consumer to the business owner. Economics teaches you the cause and effect of spending 1 unit of currency, and how certain actions can affect the nation as a whole.

Financial Management

First Year - Third Year

A focus in financial management requires you to understand all areas of the financial system, the relevant in which the business operates, maximise profit for shareholders, hedging risk, cost management and deal seeking are the few responsibilities of specialising in this field.

Cost Management

First Year - Second Year

Cost Management Accounting teaches you strategic skills, tools and resources to analyse money coming in and out of a company. The difficulty presents itself in understanding cost drivers, using the correct tools with the data presented and how to present it in a manner of CIMA. Very vital module.

Financial Mathematics

First Year

A quote to my maths orientated students, from Billions, Bobby Axelrod - "There's a small group who can do the math. There's an even smaller group who can explain it. But those few who can do both, they become billionaires." if you can understand a formula in every sense, you become lethal.


Shaahid will travel up to 10km from Bendor, Polokwane, Limpopo to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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Reviews from others

“Shaahid is a wonderful, knowledgeable and patient tutor, he taught me so much in the little time we had to prepare for my exam.”


“Shaahid has helped me more in 10 lessons than any accounting lecturer has in 6 week's of class. He has a great way of connecting with you through great communication, engagement, humour ,and jokes here and there. Personally, I feel this makes the class more entertaining and puts you in a good headspace to absorb all the information being taught. Furthermore, he is completely competent and very intelligent. I would recommend Shaahid 110%. He really helped me with accounting, a subject I've struggled with for years, and I understand it extremely well now, thanks to him. ”


“his understanding of topics is actually superior to my lecturers, and his commitment to this studies despite all that he has going on is truly unbelievable ”


“Shaahid has consistently provided valuable insights into the work covered. He provides an alternative way to thinking and understanding the issues at hand by creating practical examples. Shaahid encourages the student to maintain focus and uphold diligence throughout the sessions as well as after sessions. Shaahid is an excellent tutor in that he creates a fun, creative, stress-free and unpressurized working environment. A valuable member to the TeachMe2 platform.”


“Once again Shaahid only seems to consistently exceed expectations. Thanks to him I had the confidence to handle both the stress of university as well as the stress brought on from the current situations many of us find ourselves in. Thank you Shaahid for not only having the patience to clearly explain concepts to me but also having the sternness needed to keep my on track with my work and subjects. I would recommend Shaahid to absolutely ANY level of student that is battling with specific concepts as well as overall, general understanding - he teaches you to understand the work rather than parrot it. Exceptional, passionate and kind. ”


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