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Willem K

Tutor in Claremont, Cape Town • 59 years old

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I have two university degrees and a passion for teaching and helping students understand accounting and improve their performance at school or university.

Having struggled with understanding accountancy at high school, I am very aware of what the problems areas are. I am a patient person and have an ability to articulate concepts in a simple and concise manner. I am bilingual and can conduct lessons in English or Afrikaans.


• Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy)
• Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
• Chartered Accountant
• Completed articles at a major auditing firm
• 20+ years of commercial accounting experience

My Proudest

• Registering as a CA was the highlight of my academic career.
• Another "achievement" was when my son, whom I tutored, became a CA


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

Experienced Chartered Accountant dedicated to simplifying intricate accounting concepts for students. With 20+ years in practice, I'm enthusiastic about guiding and fostering student comprehension.


Grade 1 - Grade 7

I achieved a A symbol in year 12 at school and I am a Chartered accountant with more than 20 years experience

Economic Management Science (EMS)

Grade 1 - Grade 9

My background and experience in the world of commerce and accounting places me uniquely to tutor this subject.

  • University Tutoring


First Year

With a rich 20+ year journey as a Chartered Accountant, I've wholeheartedly embraced the practical charm of accounting. My expertise lies in simplifying intricate theories creatively, making learning a delightful expedition.

Financial Accounting

First Year

Passionate about both Financial Accounting and teaching, I'm a Chartered Accountant with 2 decades of practical expertise. I aim to unravel complexities and facilitate students' comprehension.


First Year - Second Year

Exuding a passion for Auditing, I'm a Chartered Accountant with 2 decades of hands-on experience. My aim is unraveling intricacies to foster improved student grasp.

Business Accounting

First Year - Postgrad

Combining my enthusiasm for Business Accounting and passion for teaching, I possess over 20 years of real-world proficiency as a Chartered Accountant. I'm dedicated to demystifying complexities and enriching students' grasp.


Willem will travel up to 20km from Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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Reviews from others

“Willem is an excellent tutor- exceeded my expectations! He has the ability to breakdown and simply accounting so one can easily grasp the concepts. He is a patient and a wonderful tutor . Enjoyed every lesson!!! A magician in accounting- The best! Knows exactly what he is doing ”


“Willem is punctual, approachable and proficient. He is efficient with detecting the areas of concern and providing opportunities for Ruvan to reach mastery. Since his sessions with Willem, my son has gained confidence with the subject matter and is motivated to improve his skills. Willem's practical knowledge of his subject matter is extremely helpful during his tutoring. I have seen a huge improvement in Ruvan's attitude and ability since he started with Teach Me 2. Thank you for recommending Willem. ”


“Willem has been an incredible tutor, I was extremely confused in accounting and dreaded the subject, Willem helped me understand accounting in a way that was never taught by lecturer and built my confidence. He simplified complex problems and brought it to a level that I can understand without being condescending or making me feel stupid for asking small questions, I can truly appreciate this. He is a lovely person and an even better tutor! Would recommend him to ANYONE who struggles with accounting as he has incredible patience and was dedicated to making sure that I understood the concepts I struggled on, no matter how many times he answered the same questions”


“Willem has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and brings it across in an easy to understand way, thus ensuring that his student first understands the concepts and can then put it into practise. Can highly recommend Willem as a Cambridge Accounts tutor as he assisted my son in raising his grade from an E to a B. ”


“ Before I met Willem, I struggled to find a tutor that would understand exactly what I wanted, which was to increase my understanding of accounting concepts holistically. Willem has not only helped me do that, but has made me fall in love with the subject. Accounting is now very enjoyable. I look forward to achieving excellent results in my matric finals with Willem by my side”


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