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Tendai G

51 years old

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Can tutor online


I am a qualified Maths tutor, and have been teaching Maths and Maths Lit for 7 years. I am currently studying towards a Bsc degree in Mathematics through UNISA.

My ability to teach others easily and my passion for my subjects make me a great tutor. I am someone who is used to leading others, even at a university level.


• B.Sc degree in Mathematics at UNISA completion 2018

My Proudest

• Achieved 6 distinctions at university level in Mathematics.
• Being a group leader of Maths Discussion in 2012 at UNISA.


  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

I am doing a BSc degree in Mathematics, which encompasses Calculus as one of the modules on my academic record. I have passed 15 university modules so far.

Quantitative Modelling

First Year

I am well versed in Economic Mathematics. I passed the module at university level.

Mathematical Modelling

First Year

I passed this subject with distinction at university.

Applied Mathematics

First Year

I have a good understanding of the mathematical concepts of Applied Maths.

Financial Mathematics

First Year

I passed Financial Mathematics at university well.

Engineering Maths

First Year

I am doing general Mathematics at university and I have done all fields of Mathematics.


First Year

I have passed 17 Maths modules at university, and I have a vast knowledge when it comes to Maths.


First Year - Second Year

I completed Stats at first and second-year level and I am very familiar and comfortable with the content.

  • School Tutoring

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I did Cambridge science and passed with a B+


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I passed this subject at "O"Level Cambridge and I can teach it very well.

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