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Our Economics Tutoring Service

Economics has struck fear into the hearts of university students for far too long! It is our mission to change that through top-quality tutoring. The course Economics prepares students for entrance into the world of business, finance and management, but also provides an excellent background for those working in agricultural economics, international trade, the environment, public policy, education and health. Our Economics Tutoring works alongside existing curricula with concepts like Macroeconomic Indicators (such as Circular Flow of Income, National income, price levels and inflation, money supply, unemployment, interest rates, trade cycles and the fallacy of composition), the Economic Problem and Markets (such as the economic problem, scarcity, value and price, needs and wants, opportunity costs, markets and market functions, the invisible hand, demand and supply and price) and Comparative Economic Systems (such as Market economies, centrally planned economies, capitalism, socialism and Marx). Our Economics Tutoring involves both conceptual and practical application.

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Our Economics tutors at Teach Me 2 have excelled at Economics at University level and have used it extensively in both Undergraduate and Post Graduate University level courses. They are therefore able to tutor it successfully to learners of all levels. Our Economics tutors include university students (from 2nd year level upwards), graduates and qualified teachers/ lecturers. All our tutors have been screened and personally interviewed.