Make Your Week Easier By Doing These Things On A Sunday

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Monday mornings are notorious for being busy and frantic. Finding Friday’s mouldy lunch in your child’s school bag, realising your child’s much-needed PE kit hasn’t been washed, and feeling like there’s something else you’re forgetting. Do any of these sound familiar? If this is you, there’s a solution! Make your week easier by doing these things on a Sunday:

Take a look at your family calendar

Familiarise yourself with each family member’s commitments for the week. Consider school activities and pick ups, work meetings, social commitments, dental or health appointments and so on, so that you have a good idea of what the week will look like. 


To make sure you haven’t missed anything, make sure that your children confirm any events that might be happening at school or any important appointments that they need to attend.

Write a must-do list for the week

Using a digital or physical planner, create your must-do list for the week. We aren’t referring to your list of all the things you’d like to get done, but what absolutely needs to be done. 


The last thing you want to be doing is getting into bed on Sunday evening with your must-do list swirling around in your mind. Get these thoughts out of your head and onto paper so you can cross them off as you go. 



Put your laundry away

Take a few moments together as a family to put away the clean laundry that is piled up, fold it or place it in the cupboard. While you’re at it, search for any dirty clothes so you can put them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry first thing on Monday morning. 

Get clothes, bags and lunches ready

Make sure everybody has their school or work clothes, shoes and bags ready for Monday morning. Check that all PE kits and clothes for extramural activities are packed too!


If you’ve always wanted to make lunches the night before, do so now and put them in the fridge. That’s one less job to do on Monday morning. While doing this, check that Friday afternoon’s lunch has been taken out of school bags and thrown away. 

Take out breakfast items

To give yourself even more time on Monday morning, get all your breakfast items ready on Sunday evening before you go to bed. Set out bowls, spoons, cereal boxes, tea bags or coffee, so that in the morning you only need to take out the milk, boil the kettle and throw some fresh fruits into the cereal. 


Meal planning is a great way to feel on top of your weekly prep game. Sundays are the perfect time to think about breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead and prepare any baking you want to do, such as granola or muffins. 

Fill water bottles

It’s so important to stay hydrated and the best way to do that is to keep water bottles filled and available at all times. Grab water bottles for Monday morning, fill them and put them in the fridge so they’re easy to grab and pop in school bags. 

Do a quick tidy up

Finish your Sunday with a clean space, by taking a moment to get rid of paper clutter, fill the dishwasher, put away books and toys, straighten up the cushions and match up pairs of shoes that are in the hallway. 


You’ll thank yourself on Monday morning!


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