Mind-Blowing Maths Tricks Your Kids Will Love

Not all children find it easy to memorise Maths facts and formats. If your child is struggling to grasp numbers, show them these mind-blowing Maths tricks. We guarantee this will revolutionise the way they view Maths. No longer will this be a subject that intimidates them, but they will quickly start to gain confidence as they realise that Maths is fun and understandable. 


Twin Numbers

A brilliant way to keep track of multiplication is by using a multiplication table, as seen below. If you look at the table, you will notice that every multiplication has a twin! So if you forget 8x2, you might remember 2x8=16. This means that you only need to memorise half the table.


Credit: Memozor


Double, Double

The 4 times table is much easier to grasp than you think! All you’ve got to do is double, then double again. If you’re trying to work out 4x9, start by doubling 9 (18) and then double 18 (36). This means that 4x9=36. 






Therefore, 4x9=36



Half, Then Times 10

You might be tempted to try and memorise the 5 times table, but there’s an easier way. First you half, then times 10. To work out 5x6, first half 6 (3), then times 10 (30). This means 5x6=30. 






Therefore, 5x6=30



6s Love Evens

When you multiply 6 by an even number, they will both end in the same digit. 


Here are some examples:






Double, Double, Double

Remember the 4 times table? Well, the 8 times table follows a similar formula. Here’s how it works: Double, double again, and double again. If you are working out 8x6: double 6 is 12, double 12 is 24, double 24 is 48. This means that 8x6=48.







Therefore, 8x6=48


10 x the Number, Minus the Number

The first trick with the 9 times table goes like this: times the number by 10 and then minus the number. For example, times the number (in this case, 6) by 10 = 60. Then minus the same number (6). So 60 - 6, which gives us 54. 






Therefore, 9x6=54


Magical Finger Maths

The most mind-blowing Maths trick of all is this one! To easily work out the 9 times table, all you need to do is use your hands. Put your hands down, fanned out in front of you. If you are working out 4x9, fold down your 4th finger. You will notice that to the left of your folded finger, there are 3 fingers (these represent the tens) and to the right of your folded finger, there are 6 fingers (these represent the ones). So, 4x9=36. 


The magic is that whatever the number is, fold down that finger. 


Put a Zero After It

With the 10 times table, all you have to do is put a zero after the number. So, if you are working out 10x2, just add a zero. This means 10x2=20.


Another trick to remember with the 10 times table is that the last digit will always be 0.



Up to 9, Repeat the Digit

The 11 times table is equally fun! All you have to do is repeat the digit. To work out 11x4, repeat the 4. So, 11x4=44. Other examples include 11x7=77 and 11x9=99. 


The Sum Between

The 11 times table has more Maths tricks. For the numbers between 10 and 18, all you have to do is add the sum of the numbers to the middle. It goes like this: 11x15=1(1+5)5=165





Therefore, 11x15=165

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