New Year’s Resolutions For Students

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It’s the start of a new year and it’s the perfect time to say hello to better habits. New Year’s resolutions give us a chance to shed old habits and adopt new, fresh goals to set us up for success. For students in the Northern hemisphere, a new year represents the halfway point in the academic year. Those in the Southern hemisphere get to begin the academic year soon after the calendar year starts. Regardless of where you live, these New Year’s resolutions for students will help you to set goals, break bad habits and become an even more dedicated student. 


Become your best self in 2023 with these New Year’s resolutions for students:


Get into a good study routine

Imagine if every test and assignment didn’t include cramming and panicking! If this feels like a distant dream, then it’s time to set up a good study routine. This could be as simple as reviewing class material for a few minutes each day, instead of saving all your revision for tests and exams. Your study routine could include joining a study group and meeting up with them every week. These are some ways to break down your studying activities into smaller, more manageable tasks.


Get better sleep

Sleep is vital for academic success! Not getting enough sleep can affect the brain’s activity, negatively impacting your ability to make decisions, solve problems, control emotions, and cope with change. As a result, a good sleep routine could help improve your brain’s activity, helping you focus better in class and improve your academic performance. Set a realistic sleep goal (we suggest at least 8 hours of sleep each night), choose a regular bedtime, switch off electronics an hour before bed, and wake up at the same time every day. 


Eat better

If “eat healthier” or “eat better” has been on your New Year’s resolution list for years, you are not alone! There’s no reason to feel guilty if you’ve attempted to eat better and given up after two weeks. The temptation to grab takeaways is high! It’s quick and requires no preparation on your part, so it’s understandable. This year, aim to get better at meal planning, eating in, and cooking and eating what you’ve already got at home. Try to include more fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, drink more water, and avoid overly processed and sugary snacks. 


Learn something new

There’s more to university than lectures and coursework. Are there subjects that you find particularly interesting? Set a goal to give more time to them! This may involve shuffling your subject choices around or using some of your free time to discover what you’re passionate and curious about. It may mean joining a club or society to explore something new. This is one way to keep the spark of learning burning! You never know what may come from learning something new. It could lead to discovering a new hobby or maybe even a future career goal. 


Stop procrastinating

It can be really hard to overcome procrastination, but this is not something you can put off! There are plenty of reasons people struggle to get things done (anxiety, decision-fatigue, and depression, to name a few) so don’t beat yourself up if this is you. Procrastination is normal, but this doesn’t mean you need to struggle anymore. This year, make an effort to stop procrastinating. Here’s how: split large assignments into manageable tasks, use a timer to work hard for a shorter window of time, join a study group, and use checklists. 


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Get organised

Organisation looks different for everybody. It depends on your schedule, what motivates you and your personal organisation style. Getting organised might mean getting a new daily planner, downloading a new app (we recommend Trello) or getting all your books and supplies in order. Work out what would help you feel more productive and in charge! 


Perfect attendance

For many college students, perfect attendance seems completely unattainable. The reality is, the benefit of attending every class is worth the effort that it takes to make it happen. There will be things you can’t control, such as unexpected events that pop up or sick days, but you can prepare for some of them. Plan to be in class earlier than you need to be, in case there’s traffic, and put other practical measures in place so you don’t miss class. 


Finish assignments at least one day early

Here’s how to make this happen:

  • Write out when all your assignments are due. When you add these dates to your study calendar, make your due dates one day earlier. 
  • Ask somebody to hold you accountable! When someone else is asking about your progress, you are more likely to stick to the goal. 
  • Turn each assignment into smaller, manageable tasks. This will help combat procrastination. 
  • Remove anything that aids procrastination. We’re talking about push notifications, social media and any other distractions that could hinder your progress. 


Ask for help

There is no shame in seeking professional help! This help could be in the form of a tutor to help you study for a subject you’re struggling with. Getting the support you need is crucial for success. Our Teach Me 2 tutors are experienced in supporting students like you. With custom lesson plans and tailored tutoring, asking for help has never been easier. 

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