Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Day at School

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Does your child come home from school and suddenly forget about their day? You might have found yourself asking questions and getting answers like “fine”. Well, responses like this might be because of the kind of questions you’re asking. There are ways to have engaging conversations with your child about their day at school; it all comes down to how you ask the questions! 


Here’s why this is important:


Engaging in conversations like this goes beyond just finding out about the activities your child took part in. You’ll have a better insight into their day and their school life and you will feel more equipped to help them navigate their studies and classroom friendships. 


How to get the conversation started

When you’re dying to hear all about what your child got up to at school, keep in mind that considering it’s the end of the school day, they may not have an interest in speaking about anything related to school. Instead of pressing them with lots of questions, select one or two questions from our list below to strategically gain more insight into their day at school.


When engaging with your child about their day at school, avoid close-ended questions that may result in a “yes” or “no” answer (such as “Did you have a good day?”). Also, avoid asking questions that will encourage short snippets of information (like “How was your day?” which will probably generate a non-committal “Fine”).


Instead, ask open-ended questions so that your child will (hopefully) provide more details, sparking an engaging conversation. Something like “What was the most interesting part of your day?” requires more thought and will encourage your child to consider their day and engage with the question. 

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Questions to ask your child about their day at school

This isn’t an exhaustive list and is certainly not intended for each question to be asked every day. They are great conversation-starters to have up your sleeve! When it feels appropriate, choose one or two questions and use them to engage with your child. You may want to do this in the car on the way home or at the dinner table, a space that fits best into your family’s routine. 


Questions about schoolwork


✅ What was one thing you learned today that you didn’t know this morning?


✅ Tell me about something you did today that made you feel proud?


✅ What questions did you ask today?


✅ What word did your teacher say the most today?


✅ What did you ask your teacher for help with today?


✅ What was something you did today that made your brain work really hard?


✅ Is there something you did today that made your teacher say “well done”?


✅ What was something you did today that made your hands dirty?


✅ Did you feel bored in any of your lessons today?


✅ What new songs or stories did you learn today?

Questions about friendships


✅ Who do you enjoy talking to at school?


✅ Who did you sit next to today?


✅ Who/what made you laugh today?


✅ Is there someone in your school who has a talent you really wish you had?


✅ Was it anyone’s birthday at school today?


✅ What good jokes did you hear today?

Questions about playtime


✅ Who did you sit with at lunch today?


✅ What was the best thing in your lunchbox today?


✅ If you could swap your lunch with someone, who would you choose?


✅ Where’s the best place to hangout during break time?


✅ What’s your favourite thing to do if it’s raining during break time?


✅ Who thinks of the best games?

Questions about school life


✅ If you were the principal at school, what is one rule you would make for all the children?


✅ What do you think makes your teacher really happy?


✅ Did anything make you cross today?


✅ What did you do in PE today?


✅ Is there anything you learned today that you aren’t sure about and I can help you with?

✅ What would make tomorrow more fun than today?

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