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Annette F

72 years old

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I am a professional, experienced teacher in teaching all kinds of subjects, Afrikaans, French , Dutch and Mathematics . Have high morals and expectations. I have very good human skills.

Patience, understanding and helpful at all times.Run the extra mile. The Matric results always 100% with lots of distinctions. I think the fact that I care a lot for others makes the difference. Also availability with extra lessons over weekends if needed.


• I studied BA languages with Mathematics as subject. I have lots of experience, both life experience and academic experience

My Proudest

• I have taught at the best schools in South Africa as well as in schools with a lot of social problems.


  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Advanced

I have been an Afrikaans teacher for decades and love languages. I have taught Grade 1-12 as well as a lot of adults. I use interactive method. I am a native speaker, but I have a knowledge of French,German and Dutch.


Beginner - Advanced

I am a native speaker and went to school in the Netherlands. i know the grammar rules. I studied Afrikaans at university and know what the difference between the two subjects very well as well as the rules. I taught at English speaking schools. I can explain very well.

  • School Tutoring

Additional Mathematics

Grade 1 - Grade 9

I have studied Mathematics at University and have always taught it at High school level grade 8 and 9 in addition to my other subjects.I teach Mathematics at the moment to grade 5,6,7,8. and 9

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

I have taught French at high school for many years as well as a private tutor. I have offered many different groups and individuals. I have also done translation work for companies. I have designed different courses to fit individual needs. I use interactive methods.

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