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Daniela P

37 years old

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I'm an active and happy mom of 4 that can prove multitasking is possible. I'm a friendly soul who loves to teach and read. I love teaching because it is a process where both pupil and educator grow.

I am positive that my dynamism, creativity and energy have been the key points in my life. My communication skills and willingness to help others.


• Major Org. Comm. & PP-RR
• Minor Int. Relations
• Master Global Marketing -Commerce
• Teach-10 yrs
• Marketing 6 yrs: corporate image, branding and strategies
• Comm:audits, internal campaigns, lobbying.

My Proudest

• I obtained my Masters in Global Marketing- University of Liverpool
• I was the first female pilot in professional go-karts competition in my country.
• I am a month ago to obtain my second master's degree in Business &Commerce.


  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Advanced

I'm a native Spanish speaker. I teach Spanish to adults for business , to teenagers for academic purposes and I also do playtime in Spanish for kids. In addition I have taught English in South America and developed marketing campaigns

  • University Tutoring

Marketing Communication

First Year - Postgrad

I hold a Master of Global Marketing university of Liverpool UK and a Bachelor in Organizational Communication and public Relations, and am confident in my ability to tutor.

Reviews from others

“Daniela is the most patient and dedicated tutor i could have asked for, she really takes time to sense my pace and understands how to challenge but not overwhelm me. She has exceeded my expectations.”
- Jamie
“Daniela is exceptional. She adjusts lessons to meet her students where they are, optimizing every minute. She is extremely responsive and personalizes lessons based on your goals. Best of the best!”
- Storm
“She exceeded my expectations immensely and has taught my daughter much more than I expected in such a short period of time. She has peaked my daughter's interest in the Hispanic culture even more and I have confidence that with Daniela as Kgaugelo's tutor,Kgaugelo will be fluent in spanish. ”
- Olivia
“Always prepared to go the extra mile. Been a difficult year as it’s the Matric year but we always manage to figure out our lessons. Enjoy them very much!”
- Camilla
“She's empathetic and so enthusiastic about teaching James!”
- Tamra
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