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Ely F

64 years old

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I am the most dynamic and patient Spanish Teacher anyone could wish to have. I am passionate about teaching.

I was born with the gift to teach and get through to my students. I have the patience and know-how to explain things in a fun easy way. I conduct lessons where students fully participate in active conversation. Lessons are tailor-made for my students' needs. I assist with exam preparation where we iron out many of the misunderstandings of the language that students have previously encountered.


• Studied in Lima Perú High school.
• Tulane University English.
• Worked for Embassy of Paraguay for many years.
• Experienced on Spanish courses on Private Lessons to teach kids and adults.

My Proudest

• Assisting kids in excelling in their exams at school with Spanish as a second language.
• Successfully tutoring adults in a corporate environment to assist with business.
• I've taught many inquisitive tourists going to Spain and South America, and have helped them to communicate successfully.


  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Advanced

My previous experience includes teaching at the Spanish Academy in Johannesburg; conducting private lessons to kids from the American School and other foreign kids. I have also worked with Adults and other Corporate adults.

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