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Ely F

65 years old

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I am the most dynamic and patient Spanish Teacher anyone could wish to have. I am passionate about teaching.

I was born with the gift to teach and get through to my students. I have the patience and know-how to explain things in a fun easy way. I conduct lessons where students fully participate in active conversation. Lessons are tailor-made for my students' needs. I assist with exam preparation where we iron out many of the misunderstandings of the language that students have previously encountered.


• Studied in Lima Perú High school.
• Tulane University English.
• Worked for Embassy of Paraguay for many years.
• Experienced on Spanish courses on Private Lessons to teach kids and adults.

My Proudest

• Assisting kids in excelling in their exams at school with Spanish as a second language.
• Successfully tutoring adults in a corporate environment to assist with business.
• I've taught many inquisitive tourists going to Spain and South America, and have helped them to communicate successfully.


  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Advanced

My previous experience includes teaching at the Spanish Academy in Johannesburg; conducting private lessons to kids from the American School and other foreign kids. I have also worked with Adults and other Corporate adults.

Reviews from others

“Ely has a unique way of explaining and making sure that we are always on the same page. She always allows for revision. We will not move from a topic until we are both comfortable that I know understand what is being taught. I am extremely impressed with her teaching abilities and I could not have asked for a better Tutor.”


“Ely is an absolutely amazing tutor. She is patient and puts a lot of effort & thought into her lessons. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in the Spanish language and if there is something that she is unsure of she is certain to find out. I would definitely recommend Ely as a tutor to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. She really is amazing.”


“I wish I had known her last year, I would be fluent by now. Ely is an excellent teacher, very thorough in explanations and applies concepts repeatedly so much that it’s easy for me to remember. She truly is an amazing teacher, I can’t find anything to fault. In just 1 week, I have learnt and mastered way over 100 words and phrases. I am glad Teachme2 recommended her. ”


“Ely is an excellent teacher. Every lesson is a new and exciting experience. I really enjoy and look forward to each lesson ”


“Ely is very patient and helps with pronunciation corrections. She also has lessons which are interactive and help with remembering what we have learnt. I enjoy my lessons with Ely.”


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