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Hannah R

27 years old

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I am somebody who loves to meet and make connections with new people from all over the world. My favorite hobbies include dancing, traveling, and cooking delicious vegan food!

I enjoy helping students find comfort in the (virtual) classroom and supporting them in achieving their language goals. I am great at making a quick connection that puts students at ease and ready to take the necessary risks to improve in second language acquisition. I like to find fun ways to practice grammar and vocabulary to feel truly engaged in learning.


• 2015 - 2019 BA in International Relations with a minor in Human Rights (University of California, Davis)
• Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification (Oxford Seminars)

My Proudest

• I am proud of my determination to learn Spanish as a second language. I know how challenging yet rewarding it is, which is why I want to support people in their second language goals. I am also proud of my continuation in the dance world despite varying challenges.


  • Language Tutoring

English Second Language

Beginner - Advanced

I'm a TEFL certified ESL teacher. I have experience teaching dynamic English language classes to students with levels ranging from beginner to advanced to children, adolescents, and adults. I enjoy teaching through productive conversations to stimulate student engagement and then breakdown concepts.


Beginner - Intermediate

I am a TEFL certified ESL teacher. With a background in teaching a second language and my years of studying and tutoring peers in Spanish, I am confident in my ability to help students in their Spanish language studies and goals.

  • School Tutoring

Study Skills

1st Grade - 12th Grade

Throughout my academic past, I was a high-achieving student. I have found methods to motivate myself and my peers in their studies to overcome the dread of procrastination. I can help you put a study plan together with tips I have learned over the years.

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