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Laurie M

31 years old

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I am a friendly, independent, and patient individual with a passion for expanding the minds of others. I love assisting individuals to strive to meet their own personal academic goals.

I am extremely patient, level-headed, and calm. I love helping people and seeing them succeed in achieving their goals and aspirations.


• 2021 - present: BSc Honours in Life Sciences (Physiology) (UNISA)
• 2017 - 2020: BSc in Life Sciences (Physiology, Genetics, Psychology) (UNISA)
• 2011- 2016: BSc (Molecular and Cell Biology) (Wits)

My Proudest

• I have completed my BSc degree in Life Sciences (Physiology, Genetics, Psychology).
• I published an article in the Mental Health Matters magazine.
• I received academic half colours in high school despite medical interruptions.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 9

I studied Mathematics at university level and love tutoring the subject. I find it incredibly rewarding seeing students who previously lacked confidence in this subject start to thrive.

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I've completed my Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences degree and I'm currently pursuing my Honours degree in Life Sciences as well. I have a passion for the subject and obtained a distinction for it in high school.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

I studied Statistics at both WITS and UNISA and I'm extremely passionate about the subject. I achieved a high distinction for my module and I have expanded my knowledge of Inferential Statistics through a course offered by the University of Amsterdam.


First Year - Third Year

I majored in Psychology in my BSc in Life Sciences degree and have achieved distinctions for most of my modules. I've also done some volunteer work at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group where I did a counsellor training course.


First Year - Third Year

I majored in Physiology in my BSc degree in Life Sciences and I am planning on pursuing a career in this field. I am currently completing my Honours degree in Life Science (specialising in Physiology) and I am also doing a course in Medical Neuroscience through Duke University.

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