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Louisa V

27 years old

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I am an Honours in Genetics graduate, who loves helping others reach their full potential through tutoring. I spend my free time volunteering, drawing and reading.

I am very patient and I can make lessons fun. I can adapt my teaching style to fit the student's needs. I have experience in CAPS, IEB, and Cambridge. I have experience tutoring special needs such as ADHD, Autism, etc. I majored in Psychology in my undergraduate degree. I have been a tutor and a mathematics teacher. Passing my knowledge and love of learning on to others is my passion.


• BSc Human Physiology and Honours in Genetics degrees.
• Genetics tutor at University of Pretoria
• 2017-2024 Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Biology tutor for grade 4-12.
• Marker for tests/exams.

My Proudest

• I graduated twice. Out of 100s of applications, I am one of 22 students who got admission to Honours in Genetics in 2019.
• I received a scholarship from Make a Difference Leadership Foundation, that allowed me to complete my undergraduate degree.


  • School Tutoring

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Masters in Genetics student with extensive field experience. Committed to aiding passionate life science students in enhancing their academic performance and achieving their goals through targeted guidance and support.


Grade 1 - Grade 10

I have extensive experience tutoring various syllabi including NSC, IEB and Cambridge. My students have seen a significant improvement in their marks. I help build a strong mathematical foundational so that students can feel confident in their abilities.

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 10

As a Masters in Science student, I have a lot of passion, knowledge, experience and resources for physical science. I can make lessons enjoyable by linking physics and chemistry to real world problems.

Reviews from others

“Excellent teacher, patient, very dedicated. ”


“Jess seems so much more confident in her abilities in such a short time with the assistance from Louisa, it is truly amazing to watch. I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate all of Louisa's efforts, the extra home work and the time she puts in with Jess, its incredible”


“My daughter really appreciates the help and guidance, she said Louisa was very helpful and made her understand easily. We are all feeling good and hoping to see lots of improvement in the new year as we only had 2months with Louisa and already my daughter's exam marks improved. Thank you very much. ”


“She is excellent and please I don't want any other tutor for my Tawanda. Louisa is our person.”


“Cailyn adores Louisa. She has found a new vigour under Louisa’s tutorage and her marks have improved significantly ”


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