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Mathew B

36 years old

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As a born-again individual, I am passionate about my students' success. Sharing my gift for explaining math and science concepts brings me immense joy.

My expertise lies in simplifying complex mathematical and scientific concepts and motivating students to excel in these subjects. I encourage students not to quit. I have transformed struggling students' grades from 40% to 70-80% in their final exams. I believe that most students who fail mathematics and science do so not because of incapability but due to a lack of proper instruction.


• 2010-2013: B.Sc Agriculture (soil and crop) Science Cum laude - University of Fort Hare
• 2014-2015: M.Sc Horticulture - University of Pretoria
• 2017-2019: B.Sc applied mathematics and statistics - UNISA

My Proudest

• When I managed to boost the pass rate of A-level Mathematics class from 32% to 76% in one year. When I assisted students who were getting 40 % to get 70 and % 80 % in their final exams. Best A-level results and best student in A-level mathematics with a distinction (Kwekwe High School, 2006).


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained a distinction in advanced level mathematics cambridge syllabus. I have experience tutoring Mathematics from 2004 and with A-level Mathematics. Many students whom I have tutored were really struggling with the content, later on they achieved good marks.

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained a near distinction at A Level at school and a Distinction for Physical Science in my first year of study at University. I also have experience tutoring this subject.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained distinctions in first year university chemistry and a near distinction in Advanced Level chemistry.

Advanced Mathematics

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained a distinction in advanced level mathematics. I have tutored advanced mathematics to hundreds of students who are now engineers, doctors, Accountants ...

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained a B symbol in advanced level biology and I can tutor this subject with ease to students up to advanced level.

  • University Tutoring


First Year

I obtained a distinction in calculus while studying on my own. I am confident in my knowledge of this subject.

Linear Algebra

First Year

I obtained A+ during my first year while studying on my own.

Mathematical Modelling

First Year

I obtained A+ in introduction to linear modelling studying on my own.

Reviews from others

“Mathew really does understand the subject matter and has a good way of explaining the material and breaking it down in a manner that I can understand. He is also very patient. ”


“Matthew has been extremely patient and provides clear explanations on modules discussed ”


“Mathew really has been so helpful these last couple of months. He has guided me and helped me realize that I can do well in these exams. ”


“Consistently excellent tutoring and support, thank you Mathew”


“Mathew makes sure that I understand my work by giving several examples from IEB papers as well as textbook examples, and my grades have improved by 30 %!”


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