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25 years old

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My greatest fulfilment comes from guiding others' personal growth by sharing my passion for captivating subjects as a dedicated tutor.

I have taken on tutoring as my full-time occupation. Because of this, I have seen an incredible improvement in the quality of my work as a tutor over the last two years. With my adeptness in identifying students' challenges, I excel at elucidating complex concepts through practical illustrations. By pinpointing their struggles, I provide tailored explanations that foster effective learning.


• 2017 - 2021 studying BEng Electronic Engineering at the UP.
• Teach Me 2 Tutor since 2020.

My Proudest

• I achieved a remarkable 98% in Grade 12 Mathematics and was honoured as the top learner in Computer Application Technology for the Ehlanzeni district in 2016. Additionally, I earned an outstanding 90% in first-year, first-semester calculus at the university level.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

My engineering pursuits involve frequent application of high school math principles. As a university math tutor since 2014, I am dedicated to guiding high school students in mastering mathematical concepts.

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

Consistently integrating physical science principles into my engineering pursuits, I've adeptly tackled various physics modules—statics, dynamics, and electromagnetism.

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

The joy I derived from studying biology in school ignited my passion for tutoring, creating a continuous cycle of learning and teaching in the subject.


Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

During my academic journey in 2016, I proudly attained the top Grade 12 mark in the prestigious CAT subject within the Ehlanzeni district. CAT not only holds immense value but also offers an exciting and engaging learning experience.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Second Year WTW 258, WTW 158

Conquering Multi-Variable Calculus sparked my passion, propelling me to apply its principles in unravelling Electromagnetism's mysteries. Tutoring at the University of Pretoria deepened my love for this captivating field, covering Differential, Integral, and Multi-variable calculus.

Electrical Engineering

First Year - Second Year EIR211

Proficient in circuit theory, I thrived in EIR211 and equivalent courses. My expertise extends to analyzing transient responses and AC circuits, embracing the nuances of phasors, impedances, and power. Eager to impart my understanding of Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's principles.


First Year EBN111

My expertise extends from EBN111 to intricate circuit elements such as Kirchhoff's laws and Phasors. Beyond mastering high school analysis, this proficiency is pivotal in my current studies, fostering a mindset geared towards creative thinking and adept problem-solving in complex scenarios.


First Year FSK116

Through my third-year modules, I consistently applied physics principles to a range of problems, gaining valuable hands-on experience and enhancing my understanding of the subject.

Electrical Studies

First Year - Third Year EMZ310

My deep understanding of this subject ignites my passion. The intricate concepts I explored in university fuel my commitment to delivering excellent tutoring, nurturing a profound admiration for the fascinating realm of Electromagnetism and Electrical Studies.


First Year - Second Year WTW164, Calculus Course

I excelled in WTW258 and its precursor, WTW164, navigating the complexities of Calculus with distinction. As a highly skilled Mathematics tutor, I am devoted to guiding you toward the accomplishment of your educational objectives.


First Year - Second Year SWK122

Unlock your abilities! Mastering MSD210 (Dynamics 2010) post-SWK122, I'm an experienced Statistics tutor dedicated to propelling you towards your dreams. Let's elevate your achievements!

Reviews from others

“Matthew is very organised, and dedicated. He quickly identifies problem areas and how to solve them. He is also good at giving encouragement and goes the extra mile to ensure his students are grasping concepts. ”
- Natalie
“It is such a pleasure to deal with Matthew. Matthew is very knowledgeable he is flexible and friendly. Matthew has made a huge difference in Justin studying. He understands and support him wherever needed. It is not often that you find a tutor that can assist students with disabilities to achieve their goals. We are very grateful that Matthew has been placed on our path. He is an excellent tutor ”
- Alicia
“Matthew taught Logan in a way that he could not only understand but also enjoy the lessons. He definitely boosted Logan's confidence and was a tremendous help to him. I see a whole new enthusiasm in Logan that was not there before. Matthew would definitely be our tutor of choice when we resume lessons in the new year.”
- Larha
“Matthew went through great effort to accommodate my learning needs. I am not somebody that can understand mathematics just by reading what's on a paper, he was very helpful in the way he conveyed the methods of solving problems. He was patient when I needed to go back to something I did not understand. I appreciate that he was flexible with our lesson schedule to suit my needs as a full time employed individual. ”
- Siohban
“Rheece has had an immediate improvement since working with Matthew, I look forward to their continued work and to see Rheece excel while on this journey with Matthew. ”
- Prudence
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