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Minenhle L

24 years old

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I am very passionate about teaching others, I like to make my sessions fun and informative. I am a friendly and loving person who likes to help people become better.

Volunteering my time and resources to help others gives me so much joy and peace because I know that by doing so I am contributing towards making the world better. I believe that helping others in need of my assistance helps me to grow and learn more things too.


• Matriculated in 2017 with 7 distinctions from Bizimali High School
• BCom Accounting 2018-Current (Wits University)
• Diploma in Digital Marketing (Shaw Academy)

My Proudest

• Passing my Matric with 7 distinctions.
• Serving on the National Executive Committee for a Non-Profit Organisation. Being a proud maiden at age 21.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

Zulu, my mother tongue, fuels my enthusiasm. I relish learning and guiding peers through language and writing intricacies.

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

Life Sciences was one of my favourite subjects at school. Assisting my classmates with this subject was always fun and very informative.


Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

I love Geography so much because it makes us fully aware of what is happening around us. Conducting Geography classes when the teacher was absent was my passion.

Natural Science

Grade 1 - Grade 9 NSC, CAPS

I love Biology and Science. I obtained 91% in Life Sciences as my matric final mark. I am very passionate about life and surroundings.

Agricultural Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

When the Agricultural Science teacher was absent at school, I would conduct the Agriculture lesson in my class. I obtained 88% in Matric.

Life Orientation

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

I have always been the top learner for Life Orientation in my school. Life Orientation is a very fun and important subject as it touches on different topics that can help one to become a better version of oneself.

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS, IEB

Studying and tutoring physical science has always been exciting for me because it challenges me to think quickly and solve problems with creativity. I love the fact that it helps us to understand how the world works and provides us with scientific concepts that we can use in our daily lives.


Grade 1 - Grade 12 NSC, CAPS

With 2 years of experience tutoring English as a First Additional Language, I've helped students excel, and I earned a matric distinction in English.

  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Intermediate

My passion lies in my native Zulu language. I've always enjoyed mastering Zulu and helping peers excel in language skills.

Reviews from others

“Minenhle has great patience with my clumsy enthusiasm. She is very perceptive and moves at the right pace that balances reinforcing principles and exciting new concepts. Thank you Minenhle! ”
- Kim
“She is able to accommodate my learning style and preferences and provide input to expand my learning. ”
- Greg
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