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Gloria R

34 years old

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I am currently a Trainee Accountant (SAICA) in Pretoria. I completed undergrad studies at Monash University with a WAM of 91%, CTA level 1 at UNISA (Cum laude, top 20), CTA level 2 at position 2.

I help students to understand basic principles and have confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems. My experience has been that one-to-one, personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the students’ personal barriers to learning in a way that lays the foundations for a deep, lasting understanding of the subject.


• SAICA Board 1
• Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences;
• Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Accounting Sciences;
• Bachelor of Business Science (Accounting ) 2011-2013.
• Accounts tutor

My Proudest

• Achieved best student at Monash University South Africa Accountancy studies in my 2nd year and 3rd year.
• Achieved best student for 10 units at Monash University South Africa.
• Was ranked Top 2 at UNISA for Postgraduate Studies (CTA).


  • University Tutoring

Financial Management

First Year - Postgrad

I have worked hard to understand Financial Management. I would love to assist other learners to gain more insight into the subject matter and build on their confidence in approaching the subject!

Financial Accounting

First Year - Postgrad

I am studying to become a Chartered Accountant at a tertiary level, this career path is strongly related to the content covered in Financial Accounting, and I am confident in my ability to facilitate learning in this area.


First Year - Postgrad

I excelled in my Auditing courses at the postgraduate level. I would love to help others excel, and understand this complex subject.

Management Accounting

First Year - Postgrad

Management Accounting is quite challenging, but when one understands the basic principles, it becomes easier to grasp. I believe I can help learners achieve exceptional results.

Corporate Finance

First Year - Third Year

I obtained distinctions in my Corporate Finance modules at Monash University. I have a deep understanding of how the subject fits into Financial Management. I know how to use interesting methods to make the theories more understandable and enjoyable.

Cost Accounting

First Year - Third Year

I passed Cost Accounting at the undergraduate level. I pride myself on understanding the technical aspects of the subject. I wish to help others understand it better.


First Year

I have a good understanding of the principles of Microeconomics. I also have great methods to help others understand the subject.

Macro Economics

First Year

I have a good understanding of the principles of Macro Economics. I believe I can help others achieve great results.

  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I am currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant. I have great methods to assist students and help them achieve great results.

Reviews from others

“She is very good teacher and have a lot of patience. She explained the work in a manner that you can understand it. I had such a fear of this subject and she came and made it fun. Thank you so much Nyasha, I couldn’t ask for a better teacher, your great! ”


“Very happy with Nyasha, explains well and puts in the effort before the lessons. ”


“Nyasha has, like always, helped build my confidence by helping me understand what is happening in each topic. I will always appreciate her time in looking at my attempts and be very well prepared. ”


“She was really patient with me ! She explained everything in plain language to help me understand better. She is an awesome Tutor ”


“Nonoki has never been so confident, and thanks to Nyasa . She has made the subject enjoyable and easy for nonoki.. And her level of proffesionalism is exceptionally high. ”


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