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Patrick K

32 years old

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Passionate & results-driven tutor with many years of experience in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering subjects. Highly effective with a track record of success in helping students raise their marks.

I help students understand the concept and build confidence. I will guide them to carefully figure it out by themselves, this will give them a sense of accomplishment & make the learning fun. I will test them to see what they need. Even if they claim to master a concept, I will do a mastery check to ensure mastery before we proceed to the next topic. Different students learn in different forms.


• BSc Maths & Physics
• Hons Civil Engineering
• Master in Business Administration (MBA)

My Proudest

• Best achiever in Maths and Physical science (Grade 12).
• Top Achiever in Mathematics at University level.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

Witnessing remarkable improvements, I've aided numerous students in engineering, Math, Calculus, Algebra, and Geometry.

Mathematics Literacy

Grade 1 - Grade 12

As a current Master's in Business Administration student, I have developed a profound comprehension of Mathematical Literacy. I thoroughly enjoy assisting students in comprehending this subject and derive immense satisfaction from seeing them excel.

Physical Science IEB

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have experience tutoring physics, and I love watching students improve and excel in this subject. I believe that by understanding the core theories, one will be able to master Physics and reach their goals in the subject.

  • University Tutoring


First Year

I have a lot of experience helping learners achieve excellent results for their Maths courses. I am passionate about numbers.


First Year - Second Year

I have assisted many students in the past with Physics and they remarkably improved! I am confident in my ability to tutor this subject.


First Year

It seems that teaching Engineering subjects, for people who like them, it is daily dopamine. It makes me feel good, smart and useful. Last, but not least, I believe I can help people understand these subjects, as I do. Once you’ve climbed a mountain you can have fun guiding others up.

Linear Algebra

First Year - Second Year

I have assisted many university students with Maths, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry etc. and they remarkably improved!


First Year - Third Year

Calculus is of outmost importance because of it's huge applicability. It is not restricted to mathematics and analysis, it's used pretty much everywhere - Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Engineering, Dynamic systems and so so much more. I enjoy assisting students with calculus.

Civil Engineering

First Year - Postgrad

I have a degree in Civil Engineering and I love assisting my Civil Engineering students with their wide range of subjects!

Engineering Maths

First Year - Fourth Year

I have assisted many students with many engineering subjects, Math, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry etc. and they remarkably improved!


First Year - Third Year

I am tutoring Thermodynamics 3rd year university with TeachMe2 and the student is remarkably improving.

  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Advanced

French is my first language. I have assisted many students with French and they remarkably improved!

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