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Thulani M

27 years old

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I'm a highly motivated tutor who loves to inspire young minds. Join me on a journey of discovery and let's unlock your full potential together.

As a scholar and academic, I possess a deep understanding of the subjects I tutor, allowing me to articulate concepts clearly and help build a strong foundation for my students. With my patient, honest, and supportive approach, I strive to see each student achieve their full potential and develop a passion for learning.


• 2015-2017: BSc in Property Studies (UCT).
• 2018: BSc (Hon) in Property Studies (UCT).
• 2019-2020: BCom (Hon) in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management (UCT).

My Proudest

• As a former top student and Head Boy, plus experience as Chairperson, Spokesperson, and Co-Treasurer for the Interact Club, I have honed my leadership, communication, and organizational skills. Let me guide you to success and help you achieve your academic and personal goals!


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I am patient and understanding in my approach to learning. My strengths are in advanced mathematics, and I really enjoy practising and learning mathematics and working with other students.

Advanced Mathematics

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have mentored and tutored at the University of Cape Town for 3 years. My strengths are in advanced mathematics, and I enjoy learning and tutoring mathematics. I'm passionate about Mathematics and enjoy seeing my learners develop this passion too.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I am hardworking, calm and patient. I work well under pressure. I have sound teaching skills and would love to assist other learners in approaching Statistics with the same mindset and improving their results!


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I really enjoy finance and accounting, and I learn more and develop questions for further studies, through tutoring students. I would like to use my knowledge to help others who struggle with Accounting to excel as well!

Economic Management Science (EMS)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I can help students develop summaries and effective learning strategies to optimize their performance in this subject. I find I am able to explain difficult concepts in a way people can understand, making their learning more enjoyable and successful.

  • University Tutoring

Applied Statistics

First Year - Second Year

I have a good understanding of Applied Statistics and am excellent at problem-solving. I would love to assist other learners to gain more insight into the subject matter and build on their confidence in approaching the subject!


First Year - Postgrad

I enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge and then imparting it to others. My strengths are in applied statistics, and I enjoy practising and helping others in understanding Statistical concepts. I am confident and able to assist up to the Postgraduate level. I am proficient in SPSS, STATA & JASP.

Business Statistics

First Year - Second Year

I have tutored statistics courses for business, biology, psychology, and genetics. The students were great to work with, and I enjoyed exploring statistics in these different fields. I am looking forward to continue tutoring and growing knowledge in the different applied statistics fields.

R Studio

First Year - Postgrad

R Studio is an exceptional tool for data exploration, modelling, and data simulations, amongst other day to day uses. I truly enjoy working with this language (R). I am looking forward to see what we can do together.


First Year - Postgrad

IBM SPSS is a excellent tool and package for data exploration and analysis. I used the package in my initial studies in statistics and I enjoyed working with students in using the package in applied statistics.


First Year - Fourth Year

I want to help others by sharing my knowledge and experiences. My passion for research and my patient, collaborative approach make me an ideal tutor. Together, we can demystify research and help you succeed.


First Year - Postgrad

Confident and skilled, I provide postgraduate-level guidance, excelling in SPSS, STATA, and JASP for your academic excellence."

Reviews from others

“Thulani is very professional, friendly and patient. He has excellent tutoring skills and is knowledgable in qualitative research, statistics and academic writing. ”


“I couldn't have wished for the sessions to go better. Thilani made all my work seem very easy. Thank you ”


“Thulani was very good at explaining tricky concepts in an easy to understand way, and showing how to tackle challenging exam-like questions with ease. ”


“Thulani was always very engaging in our sessions. He put in effort to make sure that I understood the content thoroughly. He is a great tutor to have. ”


“Thoroughly went through each question with me to help deepen understanding and was very friendly ”


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