College Dorm Room Essentials You Will Use Daily

There is one thing that all students can agree with: college dorm rooms are small! It’s a fact you’ve got to keep in mind when preparing and packing for college or university. With limited space, you will only be able to bring the necessities. In today’s post, we are listing the college dorm room essentials you will use daily. You won’t regret owning a single item on this list because everything serves a purpose and will make your college life easier. 


Storage boxes

Whether you opt for practical plastic storage boxes, pretty cotton-covered boxes, or something in between, you will find a use for them! Storage boxes are great for organising small things, like socks and underwear, or bigger items like towels and clothing. Purchase boxes with lids, so you can stack them or put them under your bed. If you choose a prettier-looking box, it could double up as a dorm room chair!



Between multiple dorm mates and several electronic devices, there are never enough plug points! Purchase a multi-plug with extra plug points and a long cord and you will be able to charge several devices at once. There really is no such thing as too many plugs!


Shower caddy

Whether you have an en-suite bathroom or you’ll be sharing a bathroom with other students in your area, you will be searching for space to store your toiletries. A shower caddy is a pick-up-and-go method for storing your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and any other toiletries you use, all in one place. Purchase a shower caddy with holes in the bottom so you can easily drain water from it.


Slip slops

Want to avoid slipping in the bathroom or picking up foot-related infections? Get your hands on a pair of waterproof slip slops that you can wear when you shower. If you’re able to get a stylish pair you could even wear them to class.


Shoe rack

Speaking of shoes, we highly recommend buying a shoe rack that you can hang inside your cupboard or on the back of your dorm room door. This way, you can organise all of your shoes, make sure they are always close at hand, and minimise the clutter that shoes may make when they are kicked onto the floor.


Portable speaker / headphones

This isn’t something you will think to buy until you’re doing dishes or laundry and you can’t find anything to do to entertain yourself. A speaker or headphones will enable you to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while doing chores. It’s not a necessity, but you’ll thank us!


Laundry basket

The best way to make your dorm room look untidy and unlivable is by having dirty clothes all over the place. A laundry basket will provide one space to keep all your dirty clothes. We recommend purchasing a laundry basket with side pockets to store detergent and sturdy handles or ropes so you can easily carry it to the laundry room. 



Even if there’s a kettle in your communal kitchen, there’s no reason you can’t have one of your own in your dorm room. A kettle will help you save money if takeaway coffees are your nemesis and could be your lifesaver during cold winters (hello hot water bottle!). 


Sanitiser wipes

Sanitiser wipes will help you quickly clean items while disinfecting them at the same time. There are some things, such as the toilet seat, that will need to be disinfected quickly before use. 


Desk organiser

With limited space, a desk organiser will help you arrange your pens, highlighters, post-it notes and files neatly in the corner of your desk. You’ll appreciate the tidy space and you’ll be able to focus on revising class material instead of hunting for notes in a pile of clutter. 


Rubbish bin

Having your own rubbish bin is the quickest and easiest way to maintain a clean and tidy dorm room. Every piece of scrap paper, every bottle and chocolate paper will end up in the bin and can easily be emptied later. 


First aid kit

You can never be over-prepared. A first aid kit is an absolute must-have! It should contain any medications you are on, bandages, scissors, painkillers, plasters, disinfectant and much more. You could purchase a pre-made first aid kit with all the essentials, or create your own. 


Mattress topper

To avoid uncomfortably hard and thin mattresses, we recommend purchasing a mattress topper. This layer of added foam will take your dorm bed to the next level and help you have a good night’s sleep!


Clear plastic drawers

We’ve spoken about limited space, and clear plastic drawers are a fantastic way to make the most of the space you have. You can use them to store your snacks, papers or anything else you want. They are transparent, so you can readily see what’s inside and get what you need.


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