The Ultimate College Packing List

If you are starting college or university this year, congratulations! It’s a big year with lots of opportunities to make new friends and learn new things. The last thing you should be worrying about is what to pack. We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our college packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ll need at college or university this year. 


Your dorm room essentials


✔️ Storage boxes

✔️ Multiplug

✔️ Shower caddy

✔️ Slip slops

✔️ Shoe rack

✔️ Portable speaker / headphones

✔️ Laundry basket

✔️ Kettle

✔️ Sanitiser wipes

✔️ Desk organiser

✔️ Rubbish bin

✔️ First aid kit

✔️ Mattress topper

✔️ Clear plastic drawers


Take a look at our recent post with more information about the College Dorm Room Essentials. You’ll see the full list, plus our reasons why you’ll use these items daily. 


Personal care and bathroom items


✔️ Bath towel

✔️ Robe

✔️ Hand towels

✔️ Shower cap

✔️ Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash 

✔️ Lotions

✔️ Nail clippers

✔️ Medicine

✔️ Hair products

✔️ Skincare products

✔️ Detergent

✔️ Sanitary products

✔️ Shower caddy

✔️ Shower slip slops

✔️ Earbuds

✔️ Suncream

✔️ Body wash

✔️ Face wipes

✔️ Deodorant

✔️ Shaving cream

✔️ Cotton pads


Cleaning supplies


✔️ Disinfecting wipes

✔️ Rubbish bin

✔️ Air freshener

✔️ Paper towels

✔️ Broom and dust pan

✔️ Toilet cleaner

✔️ Disinfectant




✔️ Laptop / tablet

✔️ Chargers

✔️ Headphones 

✔️ Power bank

✔️ Flash drive

✔️ Torch

✔️ Electric kettle

Desk items


✔️ Desk organiser

✔️ Pencils and pens

✔️ Markers

✔️ Stapler and staples

✔️ Tape

✔️ Post-it notes

✔️ Pencil case

✔️ Scissors

✔️ Planner

✔️ Calculator

✔️ Ruler

✔️ Notebooks


Kitchen items


✔️ Plates

✔️ Spoons

✔️ Forks

✔️ Knives

✔️ Cups

✔️ Flask

✔️ Dishwashing liquid

✔️ Dishwashing sponge

✔️ Microwave (if allowed)

✔️ Mini fridge (if allowed)

✔️ Kettle

✔️ Electric cooker

✔️ Pots

✔️ Tray

✔️ Mugs

✔️ Water bottle

✔️ Ziploc bags



Since everybody has their own fashion sense and style, you should create your own list of clothing items to pack. Pack clothes based on the weather in the area where your college is situated. For colder weather, include more jackets and hoodies, and if it’s hot, you’ll want items like skirts and shorts. Something that should be on everybody’s list: socks and underwear.

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