The Ultimate College Packing List

We've got you covered! Take a look at our college packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything you’ll need at college or university this year.

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South African Bursaries Closing in January 2023 (Part Two)

Look at another list of South African bursaries still open for applications in January 2023!

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South African Bursaries Closing in January 2023 (Part One)

We have compiled a list of South African bursaries that are still open for applications in January 2023 (with Part Two coming next week)!

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Getting a Bachelor's Degree is No Longer Enough

If earning a bachelor's degree is no longer enough, what is? Today, we'll discuss why a bachelor's degree is no longer sufficient and what you can do to develop yourself in the constantly shifting employment market.

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College Dorm Room Essentials You Will Use Daily

In today’s post, we are listing the college dorm room essentials you will use daily. You won’t regret owning a single item on this list because everything serves a purpose and will make your college life easier.

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Four ways one-on-one tutoring develops your child’s confidence

There are many benefits associated with learning in a focused, personalised, and goal-oriented environment.

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Should You Take A Gap Year? (Pros and Cons)

If you are not sure how to spend your first year after high school and you are considering a gap year, then continue reading to find out how you can get the most out of this time!

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New Year’s Resolutions For Students

Set goals, break bad habits and become an even more dedicated student. Become your best self in 2023 with these New Year’s resolutions for students.

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Six Reasons Why Internships Are Important

In today's world, a good degree, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, is no longer enough to land that all-important graduate job offer. Today we're going to discuss six reasons why internships are critical.

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How To Apply For A Bursary

In this post, we are covering the basics of how to apply for a bursary, including a full list of all available bursaries in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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Summer Holiday Activities For The Whole Family

Often the task of coming up with a list of activities that don’t break the bank can feel like a chore. Take a look at our list of summer holiday activities.

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Common English Grammar Mistakes

Take a look at our list of common English grammar mistakes, along with example sentences so you can make sure you use these words and phrases correctly.

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10 Tips for Writing Essay Exams

If you find writing essays in examinations difficult, look no further. In today’s post, we’ll be presenting you with 10 tips for writing essays for exams.

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

If you’ve noticed that your child is having a difficult time focusing and is easily distracted, it could be time to change up their routine by introducing new behavioural and learning strategies.

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How To Ace Your Business Studies Essay

our Business Studies essay is an opportunity to contextualise your business knowledge in the real world. Learn how to ace your Business Studies exam with these practical tips, exam outlines and example essay questions.

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Which Languages Are Hardest To Learn?

Learning a new language is an exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge and awaken your creativity. Many people set out by searching for the easiest languages to learn, which we covered in this post, while others are after more of a challenge.

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5 Ways to Keep Children Learning During the School Holidays

After a long term of hard work, school holidays are well deserved. As much as they are an opportunity to relax, rest and spend time with family, they are also an ideal time to promote continuous learning.

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Learn How to Calculate Probability

In today’s post, we will look at how to calculate probability, first looking at the probability formula, then learning how to adjust the formula for single events, independent events, mutually exclusive events and finally, conditional probability.

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Which Languages Are Easiest To Learn?

So you’ve decided to learn a new language? Well done! A great first step is to select the language you’d like to begin speaking. You may be wondering which languages are easiest to learn and today we’re going to share with you our top 9!

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Common Misspelled English Words

Being able to spell words correctly is a skill that will help you write school and university exams, as well as work presentations and will make you more effective in your general communications. Good spelling is incredibly important in professional, academic and even personal writing.

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Multiple-choice exams - Preparation and Writing Strategies

We recognise that for most students, this time is critical since it influences whether you proceed with your university studies or if you graduate. In this post, we outline preparation and writing strategies for multiple-choice exams.

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